The world’s favourite single-cup coffee makers

single-cup coffee makersMaking use of a one-cup coffee maker for a quick cup of coffee would satisfy the craving. There is much to feel attracted to single-serve coffee makers. Every cup is brewed when it’s required. So, each cup is a fresh new cup of brew. They even provide one with never-ending choices for the different varieties of coffee. Perhaps one might start the day with a jolt of a daring blend in the morning and after that the next cup somewhat mellow a bit. Better still, the majority of single-cup coffee makers are even capable of making hot cereals, tea, cocoa and even instant soups as well. However, there are some basic kinds of single-cup coffee makers.

The simplest to use are the Pod-based coffee makers. One only requires purchasing boxes of pods with coffee grounds that are pre-filled. These pods are placed into the container which when enclosed, needles pierce the pods. Then, hot water surges through the pod while brewing the coffee into the cup positioned underneath the spout for discharge. A number of coffee makers include a reservoir where several cups are brewed before having to refill. Several others require water to be added prior to brewing each cup. Moreover, pods are available in a variety of flavours such as fruity drinks, teas and cocoas.

Espresso pods were used in automatic vending machines in earlier times. It was believed that convenience stores and office coffee services were the most likely contenders for utilizing the espresso coffee pod. However at present besides homes, K-Cup pods (great prices here and Nespresso capsules are being used at manufacturing plants, lawyer’s office’s, spas and hair salons and doctor’s chambers.  K-Pods contain K-Cups that are packaged in 22 to 50 K-Cups per pack. There are many brands of K-Cups ( see Keurig infographics ) such as Timothy’s, Diedrich, Donut Shop, Emerils, Bigelow, Gloria Jeans and Coffee People. Nespresso offers 16 Grand Crus varieties each with its distinctive flavour.  The capsules are filtered by their aromatic tastes such as very roasted, cocoa, honey, spicy, citrus, winey, flowery, woody and cereal.

However, there are some drip-style single-serve coffee makers too. Though they are not commonly used as pod-style single serve coffee makers, people love it for its convenience, without the use of pods. On the whole, they are inexpensive but for its performance are not properly reviewed.

Multiple-use coffee makers are the most flexible. There are options of using them as either brew from pods or drip-style from grounds. This makes the single-serve multi-use coffee maker worth a try. These even permit a high level of customization where one can duly adjust to the strength of the brew by adjusting the quantity of the grounds and the varying amount of water, as well.

So, if one loves a good coffee that’s made easily and quickly, then go get yourself a single-serve coffee maker that adds value for money. With a wide range of prices and sizes available in the market, this makes it easier to enjoy a good cup of that favourite brew at the workplace or at home.

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